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Uncovering the most impactful, resonate, brand-building narratives is perhaps Jay’s most highly developed, content-creation skill and intuitive strength. During Jay’s 20 years of in-depth reporting , plus more than a dozen years of advertising work, Jay has produced blockbuster campaigns, brand-building stories and competitive marketing strategies.

Saucony – We Know Boston

Saucony, the elite running shoe company, hoped to create a dialog with its core community of runners. They hired Jay to make that connection by shooting and writing a brand-building film capturing the sport’s greatest race, The Boston Marathon.

Jay produced this short film, sprinkling visuals of the brand into the video while highlighting the real star – the passion these elite runners feel for an achievement known only to a relative handful of incredibly hearty souls.

  • The film footage Jay shot proved perfect for a social media marketing and advertising campaign that secured the ad agency’s connection to this top running shoe brand.
    So did these 9 very short spots taken from Jay’s footage, perfect for social media quick videos.

Jim Garaventi, Partner/Creative Director, Mechanica Advertising Agency
“Jay is an incredible resource – and person. A rare combination of many skills: writer, producer, cameraman, investigator, to name a few. A great doer, a great collaborator, a great partner.” 

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