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Jay is an uncommonly original thinker and prodigious generator of fresh ideas and vibrant content. He writes and produces stories and branded content across a wide scope of industries, disciplines and services.

Jay has a boundless curiosity with an insatiable passion for learning. This essential character provides Jay with a diverse range of specialties and expertise.

Journalism, advertising, public relations and entertainment have become virtually indistinguishable for many of today’s information consumers.

Jay’s experience in journalism is an ideal background for the content creation and marketing industry. Authenticity and integrity, the pillars of journalism, are  very effective in today’s best content marketing and advertising fields.

Jay’s experience and rare skillset are almost uniquely designed to thrive in today’s world of brand creation and strategy, advertising campaigns and marketing narratives.

Jay produced broadcast news at the top tier of the industry for more than 20 years. He won five Emmy Awards, a Peabody, a DuPont Columbia and an Overseas Press Club award and was named a Knight-Wallace Fellow, a professional journalism fellowship for 12 reporters.

He was based in London for more than 6 years for ABC News Nightline, the senior international producer responsible for covering Africa, Europe, The Middle East, The Balkans, Russia and Central Asia.

Widely considered ‘the best job in television news’, Jay was at the front seat of history for countless momentous events. The post was primarily responsible for covering war zones and extremely volatile situations.

Jay’s work always stood out above the fray and his tenacity resulted in countless exclusives and scoops during his tenure.

Powerful, creative content will always be king, it is said, but deep-dives into consumer thinking provide invaluable insights into comprehen-sible analytics and data-driven, brand/content strategy.

Obtaining an accurate and thorough understanding of consumer behavior often requires a delicate, even intimate touch to decipher authentic market sentiment.

Jay’s profound experience, spending decades as  an intuitive, empathetic interviewer and, often, cameraman, endows him with a particularly uncommon vehicle to obtain extremely accurate, deep-dive looks into consumer behavior and market strategy.

For seven years, Jay was the ‘go-to’ specialist and head writer/producer at ABC News Nightline providing remarkably rare 30-minute, in-depth broadcast news segments into the most significant healthcare, technical and medical science topics of the day.

His deep expertise in these fields is a unique tool that enables Jay to produce such engaging content for this highly specialized field.

From developing startup medical residencies from scratch to marketing cutting-edge healthcare technologies, Jay’s work in this field is an exceptionally unique tool for content creators committed to producing the most powerful results in this specialty.

Jay’s deep background and expertise into clean/renewable energy equips him with a critical command and management of this burgeoning advertising content and marketing specialty.

Clean/renewable energy is now top of mind for millions in virtually every nation across the planet. The movement is pushing nations to the precipice of momentous change that can no longer be delayed.

That movement needs particularly adroit content creators to capture the global wave’s demand for a complex change that is technological, personal and authentic – one that will fundamentally rewire many of our most basic beliefs about virtually every aspect of our lives.

Jay’s expertise in this field drove the production of cutting-edge marketing campaigns, technological startups and conservation campaigns for this vital, flourishing industry.

Jay’s creativity, strategic insight, global experience and highly developed intuition define his work as a brand-builder and content specialist.

Uncovering the most impactful, resonate, brand-building narratives is perhaps Jay’s most highly developed content-creation skill and intuitive strength.

20 years of in-depth reporting and more than a dozen years of advertising work, has generated blockbuster campaigns, brand-building stories and competitive marketing strategies.

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