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Writer, Producer, Director, Marketer

Jay is an exceptionally creative storyteller; a multi-skilled, editorial powerhouse with a mastery over visual language. A five-time broadcast news Emmy Award winner, Jay specializes in making the complex clear, the unknown familiar.

Cultivated from a unique career at the top tiers of the broadcast journalism and advertising worlds, Jay’s editorial, visual and technical design expertise is a powerful, flexible asset for creating unforgettable, winning campaigns and outstanding, tangible results.


Jay’s love for the written word is apparent in every work that leaves his hand.

A refined if boundless imagination and unbridled creativity, Jay is repeatedly hand-picked by some of the world’s most expensive, elite talent. He was regarded as the favorite writer by the top anchors at ABC and CBS News – and many advertising creative chiefs as well.

His flair for conveying powerful, dynamic ideas delivers superior, multimedia content for the digital media, broadcast and advertising industries.

“How I wish I could write as clearly, simply and elegantly as Jay Weiss. His copy is sublimely elegant. It isn’t good, or even great: it’s exquisite, beyond my most ambitious ambitions and expectations.”

Jim Mullen
Advertising Legend & Founder, Mullen Advertising


Jay is a master of this craft – a producer who overcomes every obstacle, solves every problem, takes responsibility for every aspect of the endeavor, including all technical elements.

With nearly two decades as an investigative, broadcast news producer, including almost 10 years covering war zones, Jay never fails to produce extraordinary results in virtually every conceivable situation.

As a producer/creator of marketing and advertising projects for more than a decade, Jay’s diverse skillset elevates and refines the venture at every turn.

“Jay is a problem-solving genius and virtuoso at his craft. We tasked Jay with directing and producing our most valued client’s commercial spots. “Do not change a frame”. The client said on the first cut. “This is perfection”.”

Emily Haggman
President, Haggman Inc., Advertising Agency


Jay is a preternatural storyteller with immense experience blending words and images into unforgettable narratives. His editorial mastery is amplified by his decades directing camera crews as well as years of hands-on, technical know-how as a consummate video shooter.

Jay’s method for creating unforgettable deliverables relies on a simple formula: A) Make it fascinating, and, B) Take the viewer on an intimate, unforgettable journey.

This straightforward approach compels viewer action, triggers deep emotions and leaves lasting impressions.

“He has covered stories from all around the world; every time an exceptional journey. Jay has a remarkable body of serious work… Everything from pop culture to medical science, to the most intricate levels of foreign policy.”

Tom Bettag
Exec. Prod., ABC News Nightline


Creating strong B2B and B2C connections is an alchemy – a blend of talent,  experience, strategy, analytics and intuition. But experienced marketers know that every successful brand needs a strong ‘story’ at its essence.

A cross-disciplinary thinker, Jay’s background in network news provides him with exceptional storytelling and technical skills. In marketing, as in journalism, he always aims high, respecting the viewers’ intelligence and wit, relying on authenticity and integrity to help drive every narrative.

Good content creation, like good journalism, avoids gimmickry, which tends to be faddish and short-lived. Great advertising almost always stands the test of time.

“When audiences watch Jay’s work, they don’t just applaud at the end, they stand up and cheer.”

Ted Nelson
CEO, Mechanica Advertising Agency


Jay is a veritable brand whisperer with a deeply instinctive talent for capturing the compelling, transcendent elements of each story, touching the human spirit in ways that drive consumer actions.

“Becoming a champion, a virtuoso or a Nobel laureate does not require early and narrow specialization.” David Epstein writes in “Range”, his NY Times best-selling book, “Quite the contrary in many cases. Breadth is the ally of depth, not its enemy. In the most rewarding domains of life, generalists are better positioned than specialists to excel.”

An expert generalist, Jay is the consummate, multi-skilled, storyteller.

“We asked Jay to direct a commercial for our London establishment, but to save time, we needed him to shoot it in our New York theater district restaurant. Jay’s insight into the London restaurant scene was invaluable. He created a luxurious but accessible feel, perfect for our brand and the London market – not inclined, nor accustomed to dining at an ‘American’ establishment. The spot ran in London’s 15,000 taxicab monitors and boosted revenue by 20% within 6 weeks.”

Bruce Bozzi,
Executive V.P. Marketing
The Palm

“When I saw the first cut of Jay’s 30-second spot I literally cried. I couldn’t believe how perfectly Jay captured the unique spirit and flavor we’ve worked so hard to create as the essence of Havana Central’s experience. It drove in an entirely new market of midtown tourists who watched the video on Verifone’s network of 12,000 NYC taxicab monitors, raising revenue by 25% in less than two months. We used this spot to successfully launch two new, much larger Havana Central restaurants in Yonkers and Long Island.”

Jeremy Merrin
CEO/President Havana Central

“Jay has a brilliant mastery of language and images. He designed the perfect narrative for the moment that drove my electoral campaign, connected with voters in record time and was the key to my winning effort as my principal strategist and consultant.”

Caroline Tesche
Florida Circuit Court Judge

“An insatiable intellectual curiosity, a shamefully rigorous work-ethic and amazing reserves of physical energy all of which are clearly reflected in the exemplary work he does.”

Jim Wooten
Reporter, New York Times, ABC News

“Jay Weiss lets every story touch him. I have seen him connect with people all over the world, with a gift for really understanding what the person in our camera’s range is experiencing. In just his overseas career, he encountered maybe a couple thousand people whose story he absorbed and translated to our viewers. That’s a pretty big cast of characters from so many vivid memories from countless journeys overseas.”

John Donvan
ABC News Correspondent

“Faced with mortal danger, scant resources, and a complex, fluid story to cover, Jay produced and ran our Afghanistan Bureau with a level of intelligence, professionalism, and superb instincts I’ve rarely seen in my career. His skill and sheer talent were invaluable to beating the competition virtually every night, producing news for every one of our broadcast programs under merciless deadlines, including two exclusive 60 Minutes pieces.”

Dan Rather
Former CBS News Anchor

“We found in Jay Weiss the writer who perfectly captured our unique identity across every platform for our major expansion and marketing effort. We’d fired four writers before we found in Jay a remarkably dynamic talent who was our brand whisperer. He understood our voice perfectly and helped drive our rebrand to stunning success.”

Dorothy Hamilton
Founder and CEO, The French Culinary Institute

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