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For seven years, Jay was the ‘go-to’ specialist and head writer/producer at ABC News Nightline providing remarkably rare, 30-minute, in-depth broadcast news segments into the most significant healthcare, technical and medical science topics of the day.

He continued to cultivate his deep expertise in these fields and remains a unique tool for content creators today committed to producing the most powerful and impactful results in this rarified but colossal industry.

Phelps Hospital/New York Medical College/Family Medicine Residency Program

Around the early 2,000’s, America’s newest medical school graduates made a beeline for the highest-paid specialties, abandoning the venerable role of ‘primary care physician’ in droves.

But with an average student debt-load approaching $300,000, the newly-minted med school grads attraction to the more lucrative specialties was understandable. The exodus resulted in a devastating shortage of primary care doctors across the country.

The market finally began to respond and some of the shuttered three-year residencies for ‘primary care’ doctors began to reopen. For the first time in 15 years, New York State opened its first startup ‘family medicine’ residency program.

Jay ran the entire branding, advertising and recruitment effort – writing, shooting and providing creative direction across all video, digital and social media platforms and messaging strategies.

  • The freshman class of this three-year residency had six spots available. Jay’s marketing/branding effort generated more than 2,000 applications for this rather obscure startup.

Amgen/The Spleen

Amgen, one of the world’s largest biotech companies, wanted to market a new medication for patients suffering with a rare blood illness. The ‘gold standard’ remedy for decades had been to remove the spleen, a major surgery that mysteriously resolved the problem in 2 out of 3 patients.

Amgen’s new medication was effective and had the added benefit of leaving the patients with their perfectly good spleens.

For this complex piece of marketing, Amgen hired Jay to write and produce this 28-minute video, relying on his deep background in medical science and his journalistic chops to render an authentic feel with a ‘newsy’ demeanor.

Family Medicine Education Consortium

The specialty of family medicine had a particularly difficult brand challenge. While most Americans are familiar with their ‘primary care physician’, few know its primary care cousin, the ‘family physician’.

Family doctors, as they’re also known, are inter-generational ‘family’ doctors that care for their patients from cradle to grave. They can deliver babies, set a broken arm and care for the oldest among us, intimately engaged with all generations of their patients’ extended families.

Jay was hired to launch a national campaign to spread the word about why this specialty is such a vital foundation to urban and rural healthcare systems, dramatically increasing wellness while simultaneously and drastically cutting costs.

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