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Powerful, creative content will always be king, it is said, but deep-dives into consumer thinking provide invaluable insights into brand/content strategy and comprehensible, data-driven analytics.

Jay’s exceptional experience, spending decades as an intuitive, empathetic interviewer and, often, cameraman, endows him with a particularly uncommon vehicle to obtain remarkably accurate, deep dive looks into consumer behavior and market strategy.

Saucony Market Strategy/Ethnography

Jay shot, wrote and designed a 6 1/2-minute brand research and strategy video, or ethnography, for Saucony, the elite running shoe company. The project required a deep dive into the company’s core, the serious runner, as well as the more casual athlete.

The film was presented by Saucony’s president to several hundred of its top marketing and sales personnel from around the world. Apparently, Jay’s video production hit the sweet spot between passion for the product and market strategy.

Ted Nelson CEO, Mechanica Advertising Agency
“When audiences watch Jay’s work, even marketing & sales personnel, they don’t just applaud at the end, they stand up and cheer. I was frankly amazed.”

Samuel Adams Market Strategy/Ethnography

‘Craft beers’, as they’re known, have what many would call fanatically loyal followings and a core market that numbers in the 10’s of millions in the U.S. alone.

Sam Adams, in its early days, was once considered one of those ‘craft beers’. But with their extraordinary success and mass production, came a backlash. Craft beer drinkers want beers with limited production; it’s part of the cache. Sam Adams, like other big beer producers saw its core market drop off dramatically.

The ad agency hired Jay to survey four cities in four days. He shot intimate interviews at the hippest breweries to find out what ‘craft beer’ core consumers had to say – and how Sam Adams might get its hipper, ‘craft beer’ groove back.

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